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Social Media Marketing

We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media,
The question is how well we DO it.

  • Erik Qualman

Having a social media marketing account is almost required to serve and compete in B-2-C markets. However simply setting up an account and leaving it is a sure fire way to show past, present, and future customers that you don’t care about connecting with them. Leverage VMS’s social media team to equip, or even run, your business’s social media strategy.

Social media tools allow you to quickly distribute valuable information to your customers, such as sales and promotions, new product lines, changes in hours, business events. Furthermore they also give you a platform in which to serve your customers by providing support, answering questions, and providing helpful information. Finally social media gives you opportunity to increase brand awareness, social buzz and promote your businesses as a leader in the community.

Social Media Links.


With 1,000,000,000 daily users, Facebook is the worlds most popular social media platform. Users have a wide variety of options to build their profile and share news with friends. Social media sucesfullness on facebok at measured in terms of “Likes”, “Comments” & “Share”. Content that can be shared include text posts, pictures, videos, and events.


With 6,000 “tweets” per second, twitter is one of the most active social media communities. Built around a 140 character limit, Twitter offers users the ability to quickly share and follow up with their “followers”. Twitter was also foundation in the establishment of the Hashtag (#) which serves as means in which to quickly identify “trending” topics. Success on twitter is measured in terms of “Folowers”, “ReTweets”, and “Favorites”.


A relative new-comer to the social media scene, Pinterest offers users the ability to save and share creative content with their followers. Built on the concept of a “PinBoard”, users save (“pin”) websites that offer creative value to either a public or private Pinboard, where it is then graphically represented by a picture pulled from the site. Success on Pinterest is measured by re-pins and followers.


LinkedIn is one of the more well-established social networks, and caters to the business and professional community. User’s profiles are comprised of their work, volunteer and educational expertise in a professional forum. The social media site attempts to limit “connections” by requiring the user to have a first-or-second “degree” relationship with other users. LinkedIn is perfect for business networking, human resources, and sales professionals.


Google plus is another up-and-coming social network, and serves as your publicly visible account profile for all Google services. Furthermore, Google has indicated that Google+ will play some role in search engine rankings (SEO), potentially serving as an indicator of the popularity of a site. Friends are organized into “Circles” to make sharing with specific groups easier, and content is ranked by the number of G+ points that are made.


YouTube is the world largest video sharing platform, and allows users, companies and brands to share video content with their “subscribers”. This content could be anything from a “cat video” to a product demo, to a full featured film. Sucess is measured in terms of “Subscribers”, “Views”, “Comments”, and “Likes”.

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