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This website has all the bells and whistles, some visible from the front end but many that are running behind the scenes. The site is hosted on a dedicated server with two fail-over solutions, CDN network, and server and client side caching mechanisms. Built on a powerful WordPress CMS core, the responsive design was built with adaptive technology that changes UI elements based on what device is being used to access the sites. Furthermore advanced analytics (such as heat mapping, mouse tracking, origin reporting, and google analytics) were used to develop improved user experience encouraging users to engage with the content and submit their user info to VSN’s marketing team.

The entire site was built with advanced SEO tactics, including code improvements, content improvements,  speed improvements, accessibility improvements, link analys, back link building, competitor analysis and many other strategies. These steps enabled VSN, a brand new website, to not only compete against sites that had been established for 10+ years, but rank above its national competitors on the SERP page – often occupying the first or second result page.

  • Custom Design
    • Clean / Corporate Design
    • Responsive Design (Mobile Optimized)
    • Wide Layout
  • Advanced UX & UI
  • Advanced Lead Generation
  • Advanced SEO
  • Advanced hosting
  • Custom Built Calculators
  • Blog / White Paper Section
  • URL Param Link Tracking
  • Adaptive Content Using Geo-Targeting
  • Download Center
  • Advanced Forms
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • 3rd Party API and CRM Integration

Promotional/ Collateral Material

White Papers

We worked VSN’s with engineers and operators to write, design, and publish over ten different white papers that greatly enhanced their sales team to promote their services and products. Providing the perfect balance between technical detail, demonstration application, and promotional hype.


Brochures / Flyers



Other Services:

  • Chief Marketing Officer Serivies
  • Reporting
  • IT Support
  • Public Relations & Press Releases
  • Event Planning
  • Advertising Services
  • Branding