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Balancing and Vibration Academy




The Balancing and Vibration Academy is an online educational resource that trains and certifies professionals in the balancing and vibration industry. Managed by the team at Vibration Solutions North, this site is powered by a comprehensive LMS from Learn Dash and hosted on a VPS server running WordPress in the background, making it easy to manage and highly scale-able.

Users simply enroll in the course through a traditional e-commerce platform. Once enrolled the student then gains access to the selected multi-media course, encompassing textbook reading, video lectures and  online articles. At the conclusion of the course students take a test that ensures that they understand the material they were presented.


  • Brand Consistent Design
  • Responsive Design (Mobil Optimized)
  • E-Commerce Store
  • Subscription Capable
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Custom DRM system protects digital textbook

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