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Vermont Media Solutions started with humble beginnings as a web design company operated out of a college dorm room. Today it has grown into a full-service marketing agency providing affordable marketing services to small business, non-profits and individuals across the New England area. We have helped a variety of clients, including brick-and-morter stores, e-commerce businesses, lawyers, politicians, municipalities, authors, religious organizations and many other New England companies / organizations, expand their brand and improve their market position.

Unlike many other creative agencies, Vermont Media Solutions is able to provide a full-circle approach that takes into consideration all aspects of your marketing plan. From website development to graphic design, SEO services to AdWords campaigns, videography to social media marketing, VMS has you covered. Furthermore, our Account Managers can work with you and your budget to craft a marketing strategy that provides the best return-on-investment, given your budget and goals.

Our Goal Is Your Growth! If you don't grow we don't grow.

Budget Match Program

Being a small business ourselves we recognize the importance of making our prices not only competitive, but also affordable. That is why we offer our budget match program, so that no matter how small or large your budget may be, you can be assured that you will have a professionally designed master piece.

When giving a quote we set our base prices next to your project budget and then bring down our prices to match your budget. What this means for you is that if you need $2,500 worth of design work done but only have $2000 to do it, we will work with you to meet your budget needs.

Vermont Media Solutions is able to work within your budget by cutting down on unnecessary costs. We do this in several way, first by consolidating resources, second by not overspending on the resources that may be required for your project, third by taking advantage of third party applications cutting down on programing and design time and finally by realizing that you operate with a limited budget just like us.